Troubleshoot Guide for Windows & Mac

The most common problem is that you are unable to get a green check mark in the DNS check. There can be several reasons for this.

The Cache Needs to be Cleared

Your computer and router might have a DNS cache, which needs to be cleared out. Restart your machine.

You are Using Avast Antivirus
Avast Antivirus 2015 has introduced a new feature against DNS hijacking, which forces all DNS lookups trough Avast DNS servers. Ironically this is basically DNS hijacking and breaks access to the Unblock All DNS servers. In order to get around this problem you have to disable the Secure DNS feature in Avast. Please see Avast Antivirus page.

Parental Controls Are Enabled on the Router
Some routers have parental control features. Essentially the router will force the use of other DNS servers regardless of you having set up Unblock All DNS on your router or PC. Disable the parental controls on the router.

You are connected to Wifi in a Hotel, Cafe, Airport or other Public Wifi
Due to the network structure of public Wifi you will often be unable to use our standard DNS. Instead take a look at the Smart VPN feature in your account home. This will be able to bypass the restrictions.

Your ISP is Doing DNS Hijacking
It’s common practice in some countries for ISPs to perform DNS Hijacking in order to censor Internet usage etc. As a result you will be unable to get 3 green checkmarks in your account. Instead take a look at the Smart VPN feature in your account home. This will be able to bypass the restrictions.

You are Using a D-link Router
Some D-link routers have an option under Setup/Network Settings called enable DNS relay. Please make sure that this option is not enabled. The same goes fort unicasting if you have this feature. Also please un-link the router from the myDlink service as this service will bypass and DNS settings you make.

I have 3 Green Check Marks But I Still Get an Error

In order to rule out any issues with your account please go to region settings and update any of the locations. This will make sure that your account details are in sync. If you are still having issues then your ISP might be using a transparent proxy. As a result the IP added to your account is not the IP that our servers will see once you try to stream. As a result you get sent to the error page. Unfortunately there is not much you can do in this case apart from calling your ISP and ask to be routed outside of the proxy.