How to Create a US streaming Account Without a US Credit Card?

In this tutorial we will address the issue related to Streaming service requiring an American credit card for sign up. The solution is quite simple.

  1. Setup your computer to use Unblock All. Use set up guides found here.
  2. Verify setup here. Must have 3 green check marks.
  3. Purchase a prepaid Visa card from this site. The prepaid cards work just like a regular US credit card as it has been issued in the US.
  4. Once you have ordered the card and received the card info via email go ahead and register the card according to the guidelines included in the e-mail. Write down the info you create for the card!
  5. Go to  choosen Streaming Service and create an account. When asked for details about the credit card make sure you use the info you used to register the card.
  6. That’s it – you now have a streaming subscription and you can start streaming.