Why do I need to bind my device with Unblock DNS?

Unblock All masks and changes your location to afford you access to services, if they blocked in , or expand your media library if some of content was restricted for . We allow you simulate your geo-location such as if you're watching content from the USA or other supported locations.

Changing DNS allows you to bind your device with the special unblocking servers that changes your location on selected in your Dashboard. We call it "Virtual location". You can choose US, UK, Australian or Canadian locations. When you started your free Trial your based Virtual location is set as United States, and all media sites determine you as a user from the United States and opens all content allows for US users.

Unblock All Smart DNS

Our DNS is Smart DNS. SmartDNS is a smart DNS proxy server that directs clients to a proxy server for an special list of websites and services.

What is Geo-restrictions?

When you are trying to open some website, it recognize that your IP-address is and you are currently located in .

And if this site had some of geographic restrictions for users from the , you will get only allowed content specially for your location. It means, that you have access to content library, but this library more poorest than library for US users. It calls Geo-restrictions.

What is Geo-blocking?

Other media websites (such as streaming services) use your location data to determine that you don't have access for any media content on this service. Such services shows for you message "Content is not available in your location" and it calls Geo-blocking.