My Card is Being Rejected by 3D Secure - 4109

Some users are getting the below error when trying to pay:

Error code #4109: Rejected - card could not be approved by the 3D secure.

The reason you are getting the 4109 error code is because your card does not support 3D secure. The 3D secure protocol is an extra layer of security required by our payment gateway to protect against abuse of stolen credit cards.
When 3D secure is enabled on a card, you will either receive a SMS or email with a one-time password, which needs to be entered when using the card. This will ensure that a stolen credit card cannot be used online without also having access to the users mobile phone or email.

How to Solve the 4109 Error
Either choose PayPal when selecting payment method and then use your credit card on the PayPal website. They don’t have the same requirements for 3D secure.

Alternatively contact your bank and ask them for the process of enabling 3D secure on your card or use a PayPal account for payment.