WD TV is a cosumer device made by Western Digital and it play videos, images and music from all USB drives. It can run HD videos with the HDMI port and standard video with composit video cables. Almost all common videos and audio formats.

Setting up WDTV Live players with Unblock All

Important: Before you start

Before you get on changing your DNS settings in order to use Unblock All, make sure to write down on a piece of paper, the current serves addresses. It's highly important for you to keep these numbers safe, for backup needs, in cse you want or need to get back to them at any time.

We also advise you to print this page, in case you have problems and need to take a look on the instructions available.


Important notice: Netflix and other protected content might not work on WD players out of the US. This is a physical limit of the player( complatible DRM chip missing)and we can't do nothing about it. The new WD models(3rd generation) wont even display US apps on other countries devices.

This instruction can work for devices sold in US.

1. Go to "Setup" on your WDTV.

2. Go to "Network Settings".

3. Select "Network Setup".

4. Select either "Wired" or "Wireless" connection. 

5. (Applicable for "Wireless") Select "Previously connected wireless network" if you are currently connected to a network.

6. (Applicable for "Wireless") Select "Auto search" if you need to connect to a new network. Wait until WDTV obtains IP address and other settings from the router.

7. Go back to "Network Setup".

8. Select "Manual" setup.

9. Scroll down to DNS row at the bottom and press “Enter”.

10. Set following numbers in the DNS field



11. Select "Finish".

12. You will see a "Completed" message. Select "Finish".

13. Turn off your WD TV with power button on the remote.

14. After ten seconds and turn it back on.

15. Have fun!


WD TV isn't equipped with a web browser so pleasure assure yourself our DNS setup is on a device with a browser included, that way you can check our service.

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