Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux OS for personal computers and mobile devices, as well as for network services.

Ubuntu DNS Setup for Unblock All

You can find below the DNS configuration for Ubuntu which will help you use Unblock All:

1. Click The Nework Manager Icon “in your menu bar, and then click the “Edit Connections... .

2. Select the Wire or Wireless tabs, depending of your network. For example if you are connected to a wireless network, then select wireless!

3. Select the Name of Your Network, and Change it from Automatic DHCP to Automatic Address Only.

4. Enter Unblock All DNS Ips to the DNS Server section as following:



You can change IPs to followings. Use the closest servers to your physical location.


• Make sure to use only Unblock All IP. Please remove any other DNS Ips otherwise the serivice will not work.

Be sure to check out www.unblockall.com and LOGIN to your account. Our system will identify your IP and work with the Unblock All. Otherwise it will not be functional.

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