Toshiba TV

Toshiba Smart TV DNS Setup for Unblock All

You only need to use the Unblock All setup instructions once in order to use your Toshiba Smart TV. Once completing the Toshiba smart TV DNS setup for Unblock All, you will not be asked to repeat the procedure again. When your IP address changes, a new login to your Unblock All Account with a new IP address is required. That way our network will identify your Toshiba Smart TV.

How to Setup Toshiba TV

1. Open Settings

2. Choose Network and Network Setup

3. Choose Advanced Network Setup

4. Choose DNS setup

5. Set Auto Setup on OFF

6. Use the Smart DNS Proxy IP for primary and secondary DNS. Please use two of the closest to your physical location IPs 

* We recommend using the closest DNS IPs to you. Ex: If your location is in Europe, use Europe for main DNS ad US east coast for secondary.

7. Exit Setup

8. Restart your TV.


If any trouble with the connection appears or the Unblock All is working, the first thing is to test your connection to your PC. That needs a setup between your PC and Unblock All and then login to My Account> Home Page, to check if the IP address is Active and the DNS is properly setup.

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