Philips TV

How to Set up Philips TV

If you do not wish to set up your TV you can always consider setting up your router.

1. Before starting the setup you must first find out what's your IP, netmask and the IP range, all used by your router's. This information must be used at step 5. Check out this guide in order to find out how to get the info you need. You can move forward once you get the info.

2. Please press the home button on your remote.

3. go to setup

4. Select network settings

5. Set to Static IP once you passed Network Settings >> Network configuration

6. Select Static IP configuration and proceed with the following:

- IP address – please enter a valid IP address of your network. At step 1 you can see your IP address used by your Mac or PC. Change the last digit with whatever number you like. Ex: >>>

- Netmask: You can use in a normal manner, Please check out step 1 for your local  info,  in case it doesn't work

- Gateway: The IP on your router

DNS 1:

DNS 2:

7. Provide your device with a restart


The first thing you should do in case of troubleshooting, is to restart your device(s) and your router. After that you should check your account status in “ your account home” section. 3 green bars should always be exposed on the screen if the device you are using id set up according to the settings.

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