Mac OS X

OS X (Mac OS X) is an operating system series based on Unix's graphical interface, developed and sold my Apple Inc. Its design is properly created to run on all Macintosh computers with it being pre instaled since 2002. Among the fourth most popular OS product, with high results in desktop markets, laptop and home computers along with many of the web usage, OS X is number two in desktop purposes after Windows.

Important: In prior to start

In advance to changing your settings in order to use Unblock-Us, make sure that you saved a copy of your server addresses and the settings. These numbers are very important for you to save and keep them as you might want to revert at a given time.Also it is highly recommended that you should save a copy of this page by printing it in case of any problems appear and you need the instructions.


1. Click on Network under the Internet Wireless once you have opened System Preferences

2. Select between Wi Fi or Ethernet settings depending if you need Wireless settings or physical land connection settings. Then click on Advanced button!

3. Check the DNS tab

4. Use the values from the given table to fill in the DNS server fields, then click OK




- If inside the DNS settings you see series of numbers colored in red, that means they are settings assigned by the router. The router will overwrite these assigned numbers once you enter our DNS.

- You should use only UnblockAll DNS servers. Please remove any other DNS servers you might have had in the past.

- Continue with restarting the device assigned by you to use the service.

- Open our Homepage in order to check on the service status.

- 3 green bars should appear somewhere in the middle of the page. If an orange box appears, asking you to update your IP address, please feel free to do so and update.

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