Setting up  Cisco routers with UnblockAll

Important: Before you start

Before you get on changing your DNS settings in order to use UnblockAll, make sure to write down on a piece of paper, the current serves addresses. It's highly important for you to keep these numbers safe, for backup needs, in cse you want or need to get back to them at any time.

We also advise you to print this page, in case you have problems and need to take a look on the instructions available.


1. Open your router administration page. It is usually one of the following;




o If those links does not work please consult your manual.

2. Enter the default info in the blank boxes as follows:

o Username: admin

o Password: admin

3. Click on “Basic setup” on the left under - Setup.

4. Fill DNS server fields with values from the table below:



5. Click on OK button.

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