Chromecast is a Google developed line of Digital Media Players, in the form of small dongles and mean for Audio play/video content on HD TVs or home audio systems. It directly streams content via Wi-Fi from the internet or from a local network. By using the mobile apps and web apps, the user can easily select media to play or watch only on Google Cast support technology apps.

Chromecast Setup for UnblockAll

ChromeCast uses Google's own DNS servers from fabric. Even if you insert a new DNS setup Proxy on your router, ChromeCast will use its own Google DNS and our service will not work.

You have 2 options to use ChromeCast with UnblockAll:

1. Route the DNS from Google to UnblockAll, the on set on your router with static IP routing on your router ( we recommend)

The idea is similar on every router so the setup will be the same  as long as it supports static IP functions. You can find some of the setup info below:

2.Scripting your router to route Google DNS queries to UnblockAll DNS. Only a small number of routers on the market supports this functionality. (may not work properly with every network)

UPDATE: ChromeCast has updated the 19084 firmware and now it is not causing problems for some Netflix streaming users. This is fully related to the ChromeCast new firmware. You can use the factory reset for resolution but it's not 100% guaranteed.

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