Boxee Box

Boxee Box is a set-top device which runs on Linux and also a media extender that started being shipped in 33 countries all over the world in 2010. It easily brings internet television and other televisions with the help of its design and via the Boxee software which comes pre-installed with the Boxee media center software.

Setting up Boxee Box with Unblock All

Important: Before you start

Before you get on changing your DNS settings in order to use Unblock All, make sure to write down on a piece of paper, the current serves addresses. It's highly important for you to keep these numbers safe, for backup needs, in cse you want or need to get back to them at any time.

We also advise you to print this page, in case you have problems and need to take a look on the instructions available.


Using Unblock All with Boxee Box is quite wasy. Simply follow these steps to setup and all will be ok.

1. Open Settings -> General -> Location. Uncheck “Hide feeds and applications that cannot be played in your location” (ignore this step if you don’t have it)

2. Open Settings -> Network -> Network.

3. In the Configure menu select “Manually”

4. Change DNS server only to: First server ; Second server Third Server

5. Make sure that “IP address”, “Netmask” and “Default gateway” are exactly the same as with “Automatic” settings.


* After setting our DNS please restart your device

* If your device has already a browser please check if it is setup by surfing our website. If it doesn't please assure yourself you have our DNS setup on another device with a browser you can use to check the service.

* 3 green bars should appear in the middle of the page. If a message asking you to update your IP shows, please proceed in following that message.

Please note

A well known problem with the Boxee Box dropping the Wi-Fi connection  after you change the DNS is frequent. Using our DNS will not be an issue as this problem is widespreaded between Boxee Box users.

The problem is very unlikely to be solved as the Boxee Box is now discontinued 

That's why if you are experiencing this problem, the only thing for you to do is to use a wired connection.

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