How to setup UnblockAll on a Belgacom b box 2 modem

Important: A helpful user has provided us with this guide. We do not have support for this setup guide.

1. Connect to the router via your browser by accessing

2. On the screen that will open you will be asked for your modem serial number. Go to your modem, look for the serial number on the back (usually), it should be 15 characters long. Enter this number and press OK

3. On the left-hand menu, click the option “Advanced Settings”

4. A longer menu will appear on the left-hand side. Click on “Network Interfaces”. This will take you to the Network Interfaces screen, which looks like this. Click on WAN PPPoE.

5. Once in the Connection Properties screen, click on “Settings”.

6. Scroll down on the page to where it says DNS Server and click on “Use the Following DNS Server Addresses”. This will bring up 2 new lines of input fields.

7. Enter the UnblockAll DNS servers and in these fields and hit on “Apply”

8. Restart your device (you can do this under advanced settings → Maintenance → Reboot.


When troubleshooting, you should always restart our device first. Then check your account status in inside your account home. If the device which you are using to visit your account home is properly setup you should always see 3 green bars

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