Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a tablet version of's Kindle e-book reader.

Important: In advance for you to start

Before you get on changing your DNS settings in order to use Unblock All, make sure to write down on a piece of paper, the current serves addresses. It's highly important for you to keep these numbers safe, for backup needs, in cse you want or need to get back to them at any time.

We also advise you to print this page, in case you have problems and need to take a look on the instructions available.


1. Amazon App Store needs US credit card even for the Free Apps. The Us credit cards with US billing address should be set as default payment way in your Amazon account. The previous Amazon gift cards is no longer available

2. Amazon “Silk' internet browser delivers standard connections with the help of Amazon's proxy, this blocking the supported by us sites. You can install a different browser if you want us to work. (Helping you with installing another browser is not possible for us, sorry)

3. Starting with 23th of december 2011, the Android Market site can be viewed but you can't donload any apps from there.

These instructions can only be useful if you use an Amazon Account with a US credit card attached 

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to “More...”

3. Choose Wireless Network

4. Activate network ( you need a configured network)

5. Write down current IP serial and click outside of the box (ex: “Wireless Network” above)

6. “Advanced Settings”

7. “Static IP settings”

8. “Use static IP” -> ON

9. Enter the previous IP address. The router field is similar with the IP address except the last digit. It is always 1. EX: if IP address is then Router Subnet mask (if something does not work, take Router or Gateway address from network status on your computer).

10. Set DNS 1 and DNS 2 fields as per table below:


11. “Home”

12. Open our homepage to verify your service status. Note, if “stock” browser shows connection errors or “transparent proxy” messages then try opening our alternate homepage.

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