Time Capsule

 Apple Airport Time Capsule also known in the past as Time Capsule is a Wireless router from Apple Inc, which has a network attached storage (NAS) and a residential gateway router, and is a product of Apple's AirPort.

Apple Time Capsule DNS Setup for Unblock All

You only need to setup the Apple Time Capsule Smart DNS once. Once you finish the primary Unblock All Setup you will no be needing anymore steps. Your connection will work on automatic, all the time.

This info is mean only as a guideline and different routers may have various interfaces. Please assure yourself you have the last available firmware 

Please find Unblock All setup instructions for Apple Time Capsule below:

1. Open Airport Utility. - You can simply search it on your Mac Spotlight.

2. Select Your Device from the left list.

3. Type your password.

4. Select the Internet tab from the top globe icon.

5. Select TCP/IP tab.

6. Change the DNS IPs to Unblock All DNS IPs as following:



7. Click Update.

8. Close your Browser and Restart your Time Capsule as well as the devices you plan to use with Unblock All


Assure yourself to RESTART your Apple Time Capsule device!

* Keep in mind that whenever your PC/Router Ip is changing, our service will stop from working. A new login to the Unblock All and a new Update of your IP address will be needed. Our system will check your IP and add your new one to our database. Only after that you will be able to continue with our service. If this is your first setup, we recommend you to login with your OC to our webpage from the same Wired/ Wi-Fi network to show our system your IP Address.

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