Airport Extreme

Airport Extreme is a residential gateway product sold by Apple Inc. which combines the qualities of a router, network switch, wireless access points and NAS  in the same time as well as many other functions. It is an Airport Apple's products.

Airport Extreme Router Setup for Unblock All

You only need to setup the Apple Time Capsule Smart DNS once. Once you finish the primary Unblock All Setup you will no be needing anymore steps. Your connection will work on automatic, all the time.

 This info is mean only as a guideline and different routers may have various interfaces. Please assure yourself you have the last available firmware 

Important: If your Airport Extreme or Time Capsule is in the “ Bridge Mode” your DNS on the router needs to be changed.

1. Open Airport Admin Utility.

2. Click on Internet Icon on the top selections.

3. Fill in DNS Server fields with the following Unblock All Ips in LEFT ana RIGHT DNS sections.  Choose the closest DNS server locations to your physical location from the below list.

4. Click on the Update button


Assure yourself to RESTART your Apple Time Capsule device!

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